PSA Submissions are here!

Click here to purchase your PSA Submission!

Currently offered are TCG submissions (Pokémon, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc...)

How it works:

  • You gather your cards for submission and prepare them for submission (penny sleeve at a minimum, Card Savers are recommended as well).
  • Pay for your submission via this listing. Select how many of each type you will be submitting, add to cart and purchase.
  • Fill out the PSA Form to keep things organized. 
  • Ship your cards to me, along with your order number. Please keep your tracking number. 
  • Once your cards are verified and sent out to PSA you will get an email confirmation along with the current estimated turnaround time. 
  • When cards are back to me I will ship them to the address on your order, if you move you will need to let me know so it can be changed!